My Journey from AHLI to University

I am grateful for my time at AHLI as I get ready to start a new chapter in my academic career. AHLI has been more than simply a school; it’s a community in which I’ve developed academically and personally. I was driven to succeed by the demanding curriculum, and my teachers were like mentors, helping me at every turn.

I would say that I participated in extracurricular activities like Quizlets, Canva presentations, and science projects. Every task aided in my leadership skill development.

I received a 60% scholarship for 4 years to the University of Wisconsin, USA, where I will be studying in September thanks to my outstanding OSSD scores. a choice influenced by its varied community and stellar academic reputation. My job goals are aligned with the Business Analytics major in my bachelor’s degree, which excites me greatly. I’m excited to get fully involved in campus life, work on research projects, and interact with students from a variety of backgrounds.

I am eager to start university and am filled with excitement. My time at AHLI has given me the skills and information I need to tackle this new endeavor. I am grateful to my teachers, friends, and family for their continuous support over the course of my career. Cheers to new beginnings, lifelong learning, and achieving goals. I can’t wait to tell everyone about my experiences and seize the opportunities that lie ahead.

Ayomide Grace Adeola Oladpupo