About AHLI

Aim High Learning Institute (AHLI) is a nonprofit charitable virtual school dedicated to providing a debt free education to students of every race, gender and economic status toward a brighter future. The school has been birthed on a vision that all children can become successful, fulfill their goals, and walk in their destinies, if they are nurtured with respect, kindness, honesty, integrity, and understanding. And thus, it is our mission to ensure that every student is provided with an excellent education via :

  1. Subsidized tuition fee of CA$2,000 per academic year for a total of 8 credits
  2. 110 hours of live virtual class per course with a dedicated teacher
  3. Awarding Ontario Secondary School Diploma (OSSD) to grade 12 students who meet the graduation requirements
  4. Providing Ontario Provincial Report Card after the mid and end of each academic term
  5. Providing Ontario Student Transcript at the end of each academic term and on request
  6. Structured weekly class timetable with attendance
  7. Academic counseling supports
  8. University and or college counseling supports
  9. OUAC and or OCAS services for universities and or colleges in the province of Ontario
  10. Virtual student clubs (e.g. story-telling, programming, electronics)
  11. University and or college virtual tours
  12. Virtual and or in-person scientific student workshops (e.g. Particle Physics Masterclasses and International Cosmic Day)
  13. Internal seasonal academic and extracurricular competitions
  14. Paid and voluntary internal Internship opportunities for qualified students in grade 12